Device Fabrication:

Dual compartment glovebox with built in evaporator, spinner, hot plate, scale.

Dual compartment glovebox for organic device testing

Denton RF Magnetron/DC sputtering system

3 thermal evaporators,

assorted sonicators,

multiple, programmable spin coaters,

spray coaters,

auto-dip coaters,

automated drawblade,

Alpha Stepper,

assorted vacuum ovens,

ozone cleaner,

lithography light box,

programmable hot pates,

multiple magnetic stirrers,

glass cutter and glass treatment facilities

The Nanotechnology Center’s clean-facility is located at the Deacon Blvd. site.  The 1000 sq. ft. cleanroom is a Class 1000 space.  UV and blue spectrum components of room illumination have been removed to facilitate to working with organics. 
Access to the facility requires a brief training program as well as gowning (boots, gowns, head coverings).  All users must be cleared through facilities management.