Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials


Friday Nanotechnology Colloquium

Held in the Nanotechnology Center Conference Room (501 Deacon Blvd.)

Refreshments served at 8:30 am every Friday.

Jan. 9 2015

Dr. David Carroll


Design of Experiments and Modern Dialogue in the NanoSciences

With an increasing emphasis on translation of basic scientific findings into engineering oriented optimization and verification schemes, it is becoming essential for the scientist to be made aware of language sets of multiple fields.   Engineering standards such as “6-Sigma” are being requested more and more in the development of technologies as they progress from the benchtop to prototyping.  Many of the steps required is such standards are carried out intuitively by scientists, but are not recognized as such.  In this presentation, we will examine the “standard language” of the laboratory and how this can be altered to fit within the vetted schemes of 6-Sigma engineering language.  Where and when to apply 6-Sigma, Blocking of variables, Variable tables, Statistical tests, and presentation of results will be covered. 

Friday Lectures Schedule...

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Junwei Xu - Magnetoresistance in Organics

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Wenxiao Huang - Smart Fluids and solution based ceramics

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ChaoChao Dun - CZTS