A revolution is emerging in medicine.  We now stand at the crossroads of two great medical paradigms. That of the past: interventional and invasive in nature.  And that of the future: regenerative and reparative at the molecular level.  Today our astonishing vision of the future includes restoring function to damaged organs, regrowing missing organs, and retraining the body’s tissues to repair themselves when debilitating disease such as cancer and MS strikes.  Ultimately, this revolution, based in NANOTECHNOLOGY, will not only extend life, but it will yield up a quality of function that allows our organism to fulfill life. 
Wake Forest University / Wake Forest Baptist Health is committed to being a leader in the varied fields of nanoMedicine. We have made a significant investment in the development of research capabilities and educational programs that will, in the near future, represent one of the pillars of modern medicine. 

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Dr. Ravi Singh  -  Applications of Nanotechnology to Cancer. Pharmacokinetics / dynamics, cellular interactions, hyperthermia, targeting.

Dr. T. Smith - Orthopaedics antibiotic resistance. Pressure sensing. Nerve repair. Microsurgery and animal models.

Dr.  B. Smith -  Orthopaedics, antibiotic resistance. Pressure sensing. Nerve repair.  Microsurgery and animal models.

Dr. N. Levi-Polyachenko - Tissue Engineering, hyperthermia in antibiotic applications and cancer applications.  VAC applications for surgery.

Dr. D. Carroll  - Sensors, bioelectronics/bionics, RFID sensor technologies for strain and pressure. Tissue printing technologies, integration of electronics with tissue.

Dr. Adam Hall - Nanotechnology, Single-molecule Biophysics, Biological Detection, DNA-protein Interactions.

Dr. William Wagner - Plastic surgery. injury/wound repair, tissue engineering.



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