High Resolution Analytical TEM:

Our Philips (FEI) CM 30, 300 keV microscope combines imaging, diffraction, and  analytical techniques at high spatial resolution and detection efficiency.  Image collection and analysis is achieved through a newly upgraded high resolution digital camera.  Analytical capabilities are provided by an Oxford Instruments EDAX system.  This system has recently been through a complete rebuild and upfit of control and analytical software. 

  1. 1.High-resolution bright- and dark-field imaging

  2. 2.Small-probe convergent beam

  3. 3.Large specimen tilt compatible with high resolution

  4. 4.Point-point resolution: 0.23 nm

  5. 5.Line resolution: 0.2 nm

Conventional TEM:

Our JEOL 1200 EX is an easy-to-use TEM ideal for low resolution materials science and biological samples.  This workhorse microscope features a double condenser projection lens, 60-120 kV, bright/dark field imaging, electron diffraction, eucentric goniometer (60° tilt).  A newly installed high resolution digital camera provides multiple file outputs and makes image capture easy.

  1. 1.Resolution 0.45 nm point to point

  2. 2.300,000X magnification

Field Emission SEM:

The JEOL 6330 is a cold field emission scanning electron microscope. Cold field emission scopes have the advantage of high brightness (large current density) and small beam diameter (high resolution) at low accelerating voltages to allow imaging of soft polymeric materials without causing sample damage. Resolution of the instrument is around 15 Angstroms depending on the sample. This instrument is soon to be upgraded with an energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer (EDS) for elemental analysis, a backscattered electron detector that allows compositional analysis, and a cathode luminescence detector that can image complex, characteristic-visible spectra for detailed molecular structure information.

Electron Imaging

These facilities are made possible through a generous grant from the DataMax Foundation