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We are switching the format of the Nanotech Center’s NewsLetter to an email-based monthly e-pub. This seems to be more in-line with what members want and is also expected to get greater readership, allow better tracking of how it is being read, and allows us to better tune content. Unfortunately the web-based News Sites that have been a tradition of research centers in the US generally, are become a little “old” now and they are going the way of the printed newsletter.  While many do like them and some even read them, studies are showing that they do very little good in transmitting content about the Center’s current events and achievements to members - and these are presumably the people that would most want to know!  So we hope you like the new format. If you have any thoughts or any stories to include, as always please email me.


Dr. David Carroll, Director of the Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials at Wake Forest University

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Welcome to Nanotech’s News Center. Here, you can find Links to nanoNews aggregators, and to events/talks in NC. Announcements of upcoming Nanotech events, are also posted here. The Official Nanotech NewsLetter is sent separately by email.


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WFU Seminar Series in Physics...

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Stuttgart Nanodays Workshop IX

Stuttgart Nanodays #9 is to be held in Munich this year: for the first time outside of Winston or Stuttgart!  Our marquee event will be held the week before OktoberFest and feature 2 1/2 days of talks.  

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CRG Summer School on Topological Systems

Topological systems; that is condensed matter systems in which topology leads to an unusual and protected class of quantum states, are becoming quite the rage in modern experimental solid state. From exotic Hall systems to topological insulators and the Majorana Fermion, topology is leading to a new way of understanding symmetry considerations in condensed matter. 

The Carroll Research Group’s Summer School on Topological Systems will begin with a discussion of one-dimensional topological systems based on the simple, spin polarized SSH model and introduce concepts of symmetry and dimension in topological language. The presentations will be given at the beginning graduate student level, are aimed at experimentalists, and are based on the chapter on TI’s in Roth and Carroll’s new book: the Fundamentals of Solid State Physics. The course will consist of five, 2 hour lectures held July 31 2017 through August 4 2017 in the Deacon 501 conference room. Lectures begin sharply at 10 am.  Students from other WFU research groups are welcomed.