Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials


The NanoTechnology Center is primarily a group of individual research teams drawn together through a common set of tools and principles for working at the nanoscale. The wide set of technologies under development by these research teams belies the simplicity of our core needs in addressing these technologies - that is the ability to design and engineer materials at the molecular level.

To work with any of the groups, you should contact the group directly by following the links given.

10 groups - 3 topic areas - 1 focus


bioelectronics, biosensors, advanced “smart” therapeutics. The interface between human and synthetic.

Green Technologies-

Solar, Solar/thermal, Thermoelectrics and Piezoelectrics, Lighting and display technologies, Catalysts, Scintillators, Organic electronics.

Fundamental Materials Design-

materials physics, energy partitioning in matrix composites, structure-properties relationships in matrix composites, novel ternary ceramics.  

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