Dr. DL Carroll (Center Director)

Department of Physics

Wake Forest University

Winston-Salem NC 27109

PH: (336)7271806



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PowerFelt: a fabric that generates power from the heat and motion of the human body was developed by NanoTech. more...

the FIPEL: or field induced polymer electroluminescent lighting - a novel lighting system that promises perfect color control, high efficiency, and inexpensive manufacturing was developed by NanoTech. more...

FiberCell: a high efficiency light trapping photovoltaic was developed by NanoTech 

Welcome to the Nanotechnology Center...

- the Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials at Wake Forest University is a multidisciplinary research and development facility focused on innovation at the intersection of new device technologies and advanced novel material systems -


Scale-engineered, complex materials systems derive their properties from an internal coupling of molecular scale phenomena with meso-scale organization. Such systems represent a significant opportunity in bridging the quantum world with the macro-world. By exploiting this coupling, these exciting new properties can lead to a broad range of advanced technologies that could only be imagined previously. At the WFU Nanotechnology Center, we focus on technologies that address areas of critical human need. These include green approaches to the efficient generation of power and bioelectronic / bionic / cybornetic systems that effectively enhance health and extend the human experience. Such novel emerging technology platforms have the power to dramatically alter the world of tomorrow.