Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials @ Wake Forest University

501 Deacon Blvd. Winston-Salem NC 27105 USA.


Scale-engineered, complex materials derive their properties from an internal coupling of molecular scale phenomena with meso-scale organization. By exploiting this coupling, exciting new capabilities can be brought to a broad range of advanced technologies. At the WFU Nanotechnology Center, we use these novel materials to develop revolutionary approaches to areas of critical human need such as green and efficient generation of power as well as bioelectronic / bionic / cybornetic systems that enhance health and extend the human experience.

Our Vision






- the Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials at Wake Forest University is a multidisciplinary research and development facility focused on innovation at the intersection of new device technologies and advanced novel material systems -

Dr. DL Carroll (Center Director)

Department of Physics

Wake Forest University

Winston-Salem NC 27109

PH: (336)7271804

Wake Forest

a primary goal of the Nanotechnology Center is the development of novel technologies and the creation of knowledge.

knowledge creation requires bringing minds to a problem and opening new perspectives. To us the art of education and the art of discovery are linked.

a broad range of tools are required to study at the nanoscale. Synthesis, fabrication, and characterization are core to our mission.