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Dr. David Carroll (Director)

Department of Physics

Wake Forest University

Winston-Salem NC 27109

PH: (336)7271806


Pro Humanitate...

The NanoTech Center is a unit of Wake Forest University.  It offers a range of educational, research and scholarship, and community outreach opportunities in alignment with the principles of Pro Humanitate.

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PowerFelt: a fabric that generates power from the heat and motion of the human body was developed by NanoTech. more...

the FIPEL: or field induced polymer electroluminescent lighting - a novel lighting system that promises perfect color control, high efficiency, and inexpensive manufacturing was developed by NanoTech. more...

FiberCell: a high efficiency light trapping photovoltaic was developed by NanoTech 

Welcome to the Nanotechnology Center...

Emerging advanced and complex materials systems that derive their properties from internal meso-scale organization represent a significant opportunity in bridging the quantum world with the macro-world.  Using this “bridge” as a foundation, advances in a broad range of technologies can be imagined.  From green approaches that generate power efficiently to bioelectronic and bionic systems that effectively enhance health and extend the human experience: the properties these novel materials systems offer can dramatically alter the technologies of tomorrow.

The Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials is a highly interdisciplinary research community that combines basic research with engineering and design activities to focus on innovation and advantage in technologies based upon these advanced “quantum functional” materials.