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NanoTechnology Center


The Nanotechnology Center is a focused, key enabler of innovation in the NANO Research Clusters of the WFU faculties. So while some service work is carried out by Nanotechnology Center personnel, most of the work in the Center is by faculty in the topical areas of:

    Emerging Exotic Materials,

    Green/sustainable power technologies,

    Biomedical technologies

Research Staff

Dr. David  Carroll - Director

Dr.  Corey Hewitt - Facilities Manager

The Center also has a number of Research Professors, associated/appointed within specific departments at WFU and physically located at the Center.


The Nanotechnology Center 2019

WFU Faculty and Nano-Community*

    David Carroll - Physics - EM, GT, BT

    Richard Williams - Physics - EM, GT

    Oana Jurchescu - Physics - GT

    Martin Guthold - Physics - BT

    Keith Bonin - Physics - BT

    Siegmar Roth - Physics - EM

    Abdou Lachgar - Chemistry - EM

    Scott Geyer - Chemistry - EM

    Ravi Singh - Cancer Biology - BT

    Nicole Levi-Polyachenko - Plastic Surgery - BT

    William Wagner - Plastic Surgery - BT

    Tom Smith - Orthopaedics - BT

    Beth Smith - Orthopaedics - BT

    Adam Hall - Biomedical Engineering - BT


* this list is not comprehensive, but serves as a first guide to research at the institution within the fields of nano

Nanotech Associated Centers of WFU

Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM)

Center for Energy and Environmental Sustainability (CEES)

Center for Advanced Functional Materials (CAFM)