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Using the IP portfolio: Remember - Cost - Indemnity - Diligence - Benefit

All intellectual property developed by the researchers of the NanoTechnology Center is property of Wake Forest University.  The University seeks to license and develop its IP using a variety of instruments.  University priorities seek to achieve the following aims in its license provisions:

1)  Protection of the University against liability in the use of any product that may be derived from its IP.  Since we are not the manufacturer’s of such products, the University can not warranty implementation.

2)  A cost neutral status for the maintenance of IP protection.  This means that costs associated with patent protection are incurred by the licensee for as long as the license is enforced. Typically ORIGINAL PATENT COSTS are included among the fees.

3)  Diligence.  The University is interested in having products result from its work.  Thus we ask that some provision for determining progress toward that end be enacted in the license.  These provisions may be based on projected market entry, market size and business verticals, development costs and partnerships, etc.  Provisions for retrieval of underutilized IP are negotiated with Wake Forest Innovations (our IP management office).

4)  Benefit to the University.  This usually takes the form of Royalties or minimum payments.  These “benefits” to the University are used exclusively to carry out the mission of the University in teaching and scholarship.  This is done in accordance with our “not for profit” status.

The final arbiter of license events with the Nanotechnology Center is Wake Forest Innovations at Wake Forest University / Wake Forest Health Sciences.  If you are interested in working together with our scientists please contact Dr. David Carroll (

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There are several ways that companies or investors can work with us...

A sponsored research program allows for extended testing or development (6 months or more) on a project.  Company representatives can be involved in the tests and at the end of the program any new IP developed as a result of your funding will give you option or joint ownership rights. 

An SRA in conjunction with an IP licensing event. Use our lab to take the IP invented here from benchtop to marketplace. 

Long term testing and hourly access to microscopes or other facilities for your company can be arranged.

Investment and WFInnovations... 

The NanoTechnology Center has spun off multiple companies and has a broad and impressive patent portfolio.  Extensive IP filings exist for many of the technologies seen in these pages, and our focus is commercialization.   There are several ways to gain access to the technologies under development, (contact such as a JDA with a spinoff entity and direct licensing of IP or an option agreement with seed funding to jointly evaluate the commercial potential of our technologies.

WFInnovations are responsible for licensing agreements with NanoTech.mailto:carroldl@wfu.edushapeimage_3_link_0
the SRA is written by the Center in cooperation with the sponsor and administered by OSRP Reynolda Campus
Proof of insurance and training is required.