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Electron Microscopy

NanoTech electron microscopes are available for use during the operating hours of 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.  Equipment includes: HRTEM, CTEM, and  FE-SEM

Scanning Probes Laboratory

NanoTech offers access to state-of-the-art scanning probe microscopy including and RHK VT-STM and a JEOL AFM

Electron Microprobe Analysis

Materials Analysis capabilities in the Center includes a PHI surface analysis system providing AES/XPS/SIMS.  An Oxford EDAX system is also available.


Our class 1000 cleanroom is available for use by WFU faculty or their guests.  Training is required.  Facilities include sputter deposition systems, evaporators, gloveboxes, a variety of coaters, and more.

Optical Testing Facility

NanoTech maintains an AM1.5g class A standard, an AM1.5g lateral mounted simulator, and an EQE system. For light emission testing, standardized and calibrated LPW-Cd/A-Nit/mW-Cd/m2, light emission patterns, color indexing and contrast are all available.


Advanced Electronics and Prototyping Lab is used to support the approach to demonstrator technologies by providing advanced 3D printing / print fabrication and construction capabilities, RFID, and electronics support, as well as large scale assembly spaces.

Process Lab

NanoTech has a variety of nanomaterials and polymer synthesis/processing and characterization capabilities.  These include CVD, PECVD, and chemical synthesis.

Don’t let our size fool you! Wake’s Nanotechnology Center has an impressive history and track record in prototyping, synthesis and characterization at the nanoscale. The small skunkworks-like lab tucked away on a wooded lot next to the BB&T football stadium on Deacon Blvd. has a wide range of capabilities and experienced technical staff. There is also regular shuttle service to and from the facility to Reynolda/Downtown/Medical Campuses. 

The Center’s main facility at 501 Deacon Blvd. was finished in 2004 and was the first building in North Carolina to be designed exclusively for use with Nanomaterials. The facility implements: a building-wide faraday cage for electronic isolation, a floating slab floor system for vibration isolation, an acoustic quietroom,  multiple external air handlers for air-flow balance in the building with a dedicated system for the cleanroom, an electronics and maker shop, and various PI-laboratory and teaching spaces.

This page links to the Center’s materials synthesis, characterization and fabrication tools. Important and distinctive testing capabilities include: lighting, solar, gas/optical/pressure sensors, and RFID communications.

These capabilities are made available to the wider research and development community through  a  fee structure that supports their upkeep.

Using the Facilities

There are two “schedules” of fees for use of the Nanotechnology Center’s facilities. In each of these schedules, there is an internal and external user rate. The internal rate applies to any faculty member of Wake Forest University and their collaborators (the school subsidizes the internal rate).

These rates do not include service work performed by Nanotech Center personnel. However, service technicians are available to users and their assistance is covered by the user fees directly. If you are not sure if you require service work or just assistance for your own personnel, please contact the Center’s director to discuss the project (

To use the facilities you must be an approved user. This means that the facilities manager has checked that you have the skills necessary to use the equipment safely. Once you have become an approved user, you will be given access to the scheduling website and you can signup for equipment times. To begin this process, you must contact the Center director (

Schedule 1 Labs
Schedule 2 Labs

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