Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials


The Nanotechnology Center is an infrastructural resource for Center members and their guests. There are five resource labs: Microscopy and microanalysis, Cleanroom, Optical metrology, Prototyping/print, synthesis.  The Center makes these capabilities available for use to the research and development community.  The facility is supported by user fees which are typically charged hourly.  Arrangements can be made for educational or project oriented use.  The fee structure breaks down into the following categories:

Level 1 users: Center members, their guests and research partners.  Researchers with long term funded research based around the instruments.

Level 2 users:  Industrial users, contract for services, research support services.

Level 3 users: Educational services, training, demonstration data.   

All instruments require training and clearance to use plus proof of insurance for nonWFU personnel.  For further information or to schedule use contact the Center Director


Resource Laboratories...

Electron Microscopy

NanoTech electron microscopes are available for use during the operating hours of 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.  Equipment includes: HRTEM, CTEM, and  FE-SEM

Scanning Probes Laboratory

NanoTech offers access to state-of-the-art scanning probe microscopy including and RHK VT-STM and a JEOL AFM

Electron Microprobe Analysis

Materials Analysis capabilities in the Center includes a PHI surface analysis system providing AES/XPS/SIMS.  An Oxford EDAX system is also available.


Our class 1000 cleanroom is available for use by Center members or their guests.  Training is required.  Facilities include two sputter deposition systems, along with evaporators, glovebox, and a variety of coaters.

Optical Testing Facility

NanoTech maintains an AM1.5g class A standard, an AM1.5g lateral mounted simulator, and an EQE system. For light emission testing, standardized and calibrated LPW-Cd/A-Nit/mW-Cd/m2, light emission patterns, color indexing and contrast are all available.


Advanced Electronics and Prototyping Lab is used to support the approach to demonstrator technologies by providing advanced 3D printing / print fabrication and construction capabilities, RFID, and electronics support, as well as large scale assembly spaces.


NanoTech has a variety of nanomaterials and polymer synthesis/characterization capabilities.  These include CVD, PECVD, and chemical synthesis.