NanoTechnology Center

Prototyping/Maker Lab


Layout of cleanroom

The Nanotechnology Center 2019

WFU has multiple “maker spaces” around its campuses, from its Engineering programs downtown to Reynolda Campus’s basic sciences. The Maker Space and Prototyping Facility at the Nanotechnology Center is designed to support ongoing research and is currently being expanded to enhance its ability to carry out this mission.

The facility couples standard machine shop tools: saws, drill press, mini-CNC, mini-lathe, spot welding and finishing (like sandblasting)


3D printing in multiple media from plastics to metals coupled with annealing and chemical finishing


a basic electronics shop. 

These facilities are already used by the Nanotech Instrument Group to design and build customized experiments and lab tools. However, they are open to any experimental group needing to customize their work  as well as faculty and students of WFU. Contact