Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials


Thin films:

Dual compartment glovebox with built in evaporator, spinner, hot plate, scale.

3 thermal evaporators,

assorted sonicators,

multiple, programmable spin coaters,

spray coaters,

dip coaters,

automated drawblade,

Alpha Stepper,

assorted vacuum ovens,

ozone cleaner,

lithography light box,

hot pates,


glass cutter


Perkin Elmer 4400 Sputtering System: 3 source, 4 target, sputtering system with sputter etch capabilities. 3 source system: 2/Deposition and 1/RF DC bias.  Capable of large substrate sequential deposit of up to 4 films.  RF and DC sputter deposition capability, 8" round cathodes, Water cooled substrate holder, Table rotation adjustable from 1 to 10 RPM, RF plasma products generator, CTI Cryo pumped deposition, Turbo pumped process chambers.

BOSCH VS24CS: Vertical 16" dim. Magnetron Sputtering System, 24"x12" chamber w/ dual 19" instrument rack, CTI CryoTorr 8 pump, w/ high conductance valve, 2KW RF power supply with matching system. Temperature and Thickness control, VCS vacuum system controller provides automatic valve sequencing, pressure readout and complete executive control of process.

The WFU-NanoCenter clean-facility is located at the Deacon Blvd. site.  The 1000 sq. ft. cleanroom is a Class 1000 space.  UV and blue spectrum components of room illumination have been removed to facilitate to working with organics. 
Access to the facility requires a brief training program as well as gowning (boots, gowns, head coverings).  All users must be cleared through facilities management.