NanoTechnology Center




Dual compartment gloveboxes with evaporator,

spinner, hot plate, scale.

3 thermal evaporators,

assorted sonicators,

multiple, programmable spin coaters,

spray coaters,

auto-dip coaters,

automated drawblade,


glass cutters,

Optical Lithography (365 nm):

DIMATIX print system - pattern generator,

Optical mask writing 1:1 and 4:1 reduction

SU-8 spinner

vacuum ovens,

etching stations (positive and negative relief)

ozone cleaner,

lithography UV flood light box,

AC/DC magnetron sputtering system,

turbo-pumped evap. system,

NEW: to be added soon

excimer 193 lines for resolution

RIE and asher

top/bottom mask aligner

e-beam evap.


Alpha Stepper /profilometer

Surface tensiometer



Assorted optical microscopes

NEW: to be added soon

new probe station

The Nanotechnology Center Cleanroom is located at 501 Deacon Blvd.  The 1000 sq. ft. Class 1000 space is a temp, humidity, particulate monitored, UV and blue spectrum reduced environment that facilitates working with organic devices and basic photolith. processes. Currently several organic electronics groups use the room for OPV, OLED, and OFET fabrication.
This is a small cleanroom, but it is run to the same standards as any class 1000 facility (Cleanroom Procedures) 

Access to the facility requires a brief training/safety program. 
Entry is restricted to full gowing (boots, gowns, head coverings).  
All users must be cleared through facilities management. 
5 person max. 
12:OO pm midnight - 6:00 am no occupancy unless cleared with facilities manager.

Layout of cleanroom

The Nanotechnology Center 2019